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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sooo cold

Malam ke dua di anyer dan kita bakar bakar ikan di luar dan anginnyaaaa dingin dan kenceng banget brrrrr.....

Girls room

So this is what we did in our room in the night at anyer so crowded and really excited... I called this pajamas party but the weird is we don't wear pajamas...xoxoxo

Grilled the fish

Guys get hurry we started starve here....let's grilled the fish ...sounds so yummmy :))

Holiday :))

Hmmmmmm beautiful beach......miss the moment a lot this is when i went for a holiday with my classmates  from SMAN 8 TANGERANG.....

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Still celebrated the education day we make a bulletin board on our class i think this is awesome we made it together after the school was over we did it until noon...can you imagine that we really worked so hard to make this one

Princess delta (SMAN 8 TANGERANG)

Look at that we are really working so hard to make the dress for our princess delta  (SMAN 8 TANGERANG) from our class Science 3,and guess what we make the dress from a lot of things that not to use anymore so go green

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Sunsets :))

We were really enjoyed the sunsets at anyer with my class mates from SMAN 8 TANGERANG this is me with my close friends...Our hair looked so messy , right?

The Photographer..:)

Hey guys this is my pict when i was on the beach last holiday...about 3 days i was at anyer with my classmates from SMAN 8 Tangerang,
and i really enjoyed the holiday...
i love photography...and i hope you can enjoyed my blog.. :)