I'll take you to the dreamland with my blog so you have to Dream Out Loud in here and your dream will come true...


Her name is Indira Dayanara Kusmala. She loved if you call her Dayana.

She's 16th years

She was born on June 12th 1995 in Tangerang, Indonesia.
She's really friendly, kind, cheerfull, talktive and sometimes she can be angry if you disturb her.
She's original from Indonesia with padangnese background from her mother and javanese background from her father . She lived in a small city that you can find many malls and some cool place for her to hangout with her friends.
She loves to study, reading,trying something new and believe or not she won't be going easy to give up cause she has a lot of dream that she'll make it happen"DREAM,BELIEVE and MAKE IT HAPPEN".And she will prove that she can be somebody just like she always says "TODAY I"LL PROVE THAT I CAN STAND UP AND BE SOMEBODY" .  So, that's why she never stop dreaming,believe in herself,and trying something new in her life.
She interested in music,musical theater and saman dance.Now She is on  XI Science 3 class.She's student of 8 senior High school.

IF You Wanna Contact Her

Twitter: @dayanaa_12

Facebook: Indira Dayanara Kusmala
E-mail : indiradayanara12@ymail.com / ira_dayanara@yahoo.com

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