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Monday, March 11, 2013

Learn guitar

Hey It's me again now i have a new activity,guess what?? can you guess what is it?? okay the first you must believe in my words haha lol cuz sometimes i don't believe myself can do that...okay now i'm learning to play guitar hahaha it's really so hard...you know the fool things is, i ever learned it before when i was in first junior high school my dad called a teacher at our home to taught me but i didn't like it cuz it hurt my fingers then i was getting lazy to practise guitar and i didn't want to learn it anymore , because of that my dad was so angry and dissapointed to me then i stopped to learned guitar. About a few year later when i in senior high school in second grade i started like taylor swift so much until now, she is really great i love all her songs when she sang and played with her guitar it was  really awesome,and then i was starting searched her on youtube play acoustic guitar... Wow she is really adorable and so cool that's why i started to play guitar for the first time because of my own desire .......when my mom and my dad know i'm starting to play guitar again they always you know,satirize me, yeah i know it was my fault why i didn't take the chances when i still learn guitar with my teacher maybe now i can play guitar as good as taylor swift hufffftt this is my sad story so if you get any opportunities whatever is it just take it if not you will be lament  why i'm not take the chance....and now i'm still learning guitar without any teacher becaue my parents mad at me why i didn't want learng guitar when there was a teacher that's  my sad story...now i practise guitar from youtube huhuhuh so sad and need long time becaue i don't know where is my mistake when i play guitar......Please don't be like me 

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